We are a boutique Technology Company which has been serving with experiences since the year 2015. In this context, we are developing software projects with many leading associates, implementing business solutions, providing consultancy and education services, and offering workforce service in the frame of outsourcing.

Bora Çetinoğlu
  • Graduated From Sabanci University, Computer Science
  • Holds a MBA Degree From Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Worked for Siemens & Ericsson as a project manager in Software Projects.
  • Founder of the largest electricity trading company ‘SEE Power Trading AD’ in Bulgaria
  • An entrepreneur and investor in technolgy and internet-focused businesses
  • Shareholder of Protranslate.net, Sadeceon.com
  • Shareholder of CCMedia House
  • General Partner of Boğaziçi Ventures