We are a boutique Technology Company which has been serving with experiences since the year 2015. In this context, we are developing software projects with many leading associates, implementing business solutions, providing consultancy and education services, and offering workforce service in the frame of outsourcing.



Developing applications for a business to run on mobile has become as important as a website in the recent times. Mobile App Development is the process of developing the application software on mobile platform such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

Our mobile team consists of creative and knowledgeable professionals and is well equipped to handle your business needs. We have experience of developing critical, data and performance intensive apps using cloud web services like Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc.

We help our customers in achieving their business goals and work on user requirements, which extend beyond any specific technology or implementation strategy. Our mobility experts plan mobile solutions that address challenges such as syncing their CRM system, managing desktop application and mobile app with one cross platform development.


CTN Bilisim has vast experience of IT consulting as well as Product development best practices. To fulfill the gap of Industry requirements and the present scenario of candidates, We are running Online training modules focused on the following three categories,

  • Business people who want to become IT Administrators
  • IT Administrators who want training on basics of coding
  • Training for IT certifications

These trainings are customized based on specific needs of the trainee. They are offered remotely over web conference in one-to-one or one-to-many environment.


Customized CRM Solution
Data Analysis Tool for Energy Companies